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Anita Mckaney Missions Minister

Anita Mckaney is a disciplemaker for Jesus Christ. She is wife to Maurice and mom to two sons. She is a Masters-prepared, registered nurse educator by profession and mentors many into nursing. She is also a Bible Teacher by commission and mentors many women in Titus 2 womanhood. In September 2013, she founded Wifestyle Image Network - an online and offline network of women whose goal is winning souls and winning marriages through discipleship, mentorship and ambassadorship. As a Leader, she sits on the Board of two faith-based non-profit organizations and on the Directional Leadership Team of an online non-profit in efforts to regularly back to the community and abroad.

Anita Mckaney

God Sent His Son JESUS To Bridge The Gap Between Our Thirst And His Wells Of Salvation

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news that God provided the way for man to be freed from the penalty of sin (John 14:6; Romans 6:23). Everyone dies physically, but those who believe in Jesus Christ are promised a physical resurrection unto eternal life (John 11:23–26). Those who reject Christ will not only die physically but will undergo a “second death,” which the Bible describes as an eternal lake of fire (Revelation 20:13–14). Jesus is the only One in whom salvation can be found (Acts 4:12). The gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news anyone will ever hear, and what a person does with this news will determine where he or she spends eternity. God is calling you to choose life. Call on the name of the Lord and be saved (Romans 10:13).

The Titus Ten Foundation is currently supporting the following initiatives:

  • 1. Ten girls in Accra, Ghana pursuing Nursing,
  • 2. The Kenyan Kings in STEM education, and
  • 3. The Widows Initiative iN Kenya

For the past three years we have been working towards advancing sustainable development goals worldwide. We invite you to join us in this meaningful endeavor. Every contribution, big or small, is appreciated. Your donation is welcome whenever you can give. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the world. Together, let's empower women, men, children, widows and orphans for a brighter future!

Anita has developed a practical resource for women to teach others about Titus 2 womanhood in her first book - The Titus Ten. In her second book - Anointed Devotions, she encourages readers to dive deeply into their personal devotional time.

Everyday we strive to walk together towards God. Our new goal is to encourage other couples to do the same. We have had this passion for couples ministry for years and God has opened up various doors including this one.

Our mission is to encourage and uplift women around the world to birth their ministry and accomplish their mission. Together we are the difference in action for positive change. Two Humanitarians: Anita Mckaney and Tomesha D. Walker are changing the world by giving voice to women around the globe. We encourage authors, families, marriages, moms and wives to live out their ministry on mission.

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