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This month’s training will be solely focused on mentorship. We will be exploring the scriptures regarding mentoring and being a mentee. The book we will use for our study is called “Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor” by Donna Otto. You can find it on Amazon for very little or borrow it from a…(Read More)

Today we Fast


Ladies, on the 12th of every month is our official day of prayer and fasting here at Wifestyle Image Network. This is the day that we set apart to come before the throne of God for our marriages, our relationships and God’s will for our lives. Please list your prayer request in the prayer…(Read More)

Communion Part II


Click on this link to hear my take on Communion and how it relates to the Church, Marriage, Sex and the Lord’s Supper. “Anita on Communion…(Read More)

I was inspired to write this from a woman’s perspective after watching a video on YouTube called “Christian Singles: How far is too far?” which I would highly recommend for singles! Ladies, one of the things that we are typically known for is our affection and nurturing spirits. Granted, yes I realize that not…(Read More)