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July Training


This month with all the engagements, weddings, anniversaries and such, our focus will be on marriage more than discipleship. But marriage is a discipline all by itself! Can I hear a hearty amen from the wives?! Lol! With those things in mind, we will be doing the 40 Day Love Dare from the movie “Fireproof…(Read More)

My husband needs help! I do too, of course, but I mean, he needs my help! God has designed us as women to help our men. It is not because they are weak but because they are not always as help-full as they can be for God’s purposes without their wives. Together we…(Read More)

Today We Fast


On the 12th of every month, we fast as a network. The theme for our fast this month is “Balance”. Please take the time to read the devotional in the WIN Fasting and Prayer group.   You can participate in our day of prayer and fasting in a few ways: 1. Go to the Prayer…(Read More)



What is fasting?  Fasting is setting something aside and going without it (usually food) in order to have a time of consecrated prayer to God. It is a spiritual discipline to train the spiritual part of you to listen and submit to God. It tames the physical needs of the body for a specified period…(Read More)

June Training


We begin our June Training today! We are learning to make disciples. This month we are using Replicate ministries. Go to the website and download the book “Hear God Speak” for free! Start reading. Then wait for our weekly email for the hangout discussion times! There are also accompanying videos on YouTube 🙂 Click here…(Read More)