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God Will Remember You Anyone who has ever gone through divorce can tell you, it isn’t the easiest of transactions. While it may take 5 minutes to say I do, it takes a lot longer to undo the do. It can be painful. And monotonous. I would know. I officially began my journey to…(Read More)



Here are the conference calls for our July Day of Prayer & Fasting in their entirety! 8am – Pastor Donita Harden of Tru-Image Lifestyle Ministries ( shares a message on Renewal. (Click link above) 12pm – Evangelist Erica – Noon Prayer call 2pm – Minister Theresa – Prayer call 4pm Message & Prayer call – Minister A…(Read More)

On the 12th of every month, we fast as a network. “Renewed” was chosen as this month’s theme because God is a creator and no matter what your situation, He can make it new. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that forces us to embrace less of us and more of Christ. Read more about…(Read More)

According to my research, a person can survive 30-40 days without food as long as they are properly hydrated. Water is a different story…You can only survive for 3-4 days without water. I said that to say this, everything has something that fuels it, something it intakes to ensure survival. For humans…(Read More)