Posts From the monthly archives: "August 2014"

I was all set to blog about something else, and then this happened: Recently I lost a friend. While it was nothing dramatic, it still hurts to lose someone you care about. Another friend really hurt my feelings and I was struggling with how to deal with that as well. Then a group of friends…(Read More)

The Other Vows


This post is for anyone who has ever witnessed a marriage. You saw the bride and groom exchange their vows and if its very traditional, at some point, they ask the audience if anyone knows of a reason why this couple should NOT unite. Usually there is silence. Why? Some people know good and well…(Read More)

Be Strong and Very Courageous! This month we are seeking the Lord for Courage. We pray for courage in marriage, school, on the job, to be a disciple for Jesus Christ, in illness. We are frail, but God is the strength of our hearts and our confidence. Let’s put our hope and dependence in…(Read More)

August Training


This month we return to The Titus Ten to learn more about Mentoring other women in the ten things that are clearly written in the Word of God.  This is the second time that we will visit this book this year. Get your copy for the book club at, on your Kindle device…(Read More)