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Who taught you how to lie, cheat, steal? It was the original hater – the devil! He is real and even though he knows he has no chance, he wants YOU to think he does. That’s all he needs to do – convince you that his lies are real and that God does not care.…(Read More)

The theme for this month is CONTENTMENT. Call in at the following times to hear the prayer calls: 6am – Anita 8am – Rose 9am – Melody 10am – Anita 12pm – Angel 2pm – Pam 4pm – Donita 6pm – Theresa &nbsp…(Read More)



So my best friend, Angel (@angelcheron) and I have been doing this Biblical Word Study for the month of August, which is definitely going to continue for me into September. You may ask what is this Biblical Word Study? We each have a list of words that the Lord has shown us are weaknesses in…(Read More)

September Training


We will spend the next 25 days diving into the Word of God regarding discipleship. This month we are using the Youversion study entitled “One-2-One”. All you need to do is to sign up at for an account and search for the study plan. Invite others, read the study for each…(Read More)