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Many of you know that I met my husband online. Yes, it was internet love and I’ve been thinking about it. With the dawn of new technology comes new ways of reaching out to people, staying connected and getting their attention. However, there are also very real dangers of information sharing, stalkers and media…(Read More)

October Training


Ahhh…it’s October. It’s getting cooler and all married women know that it is officially cuddle season! But if you are not married, this training is still certainly for you. A great marriage may just be #MeantToBe for you too! This month, our focus is on mentorship in relationships. Meant To Be: The…(Read More)

The Other Vows


This post is for anyone who has ever witnessed a marriage. You saw the bride and groom exchange their vows and if its very traditional, at some point, they ask the audience if anyone knows of a reason why this couple should NOT unite. Usually there is silence. Why? Some people know good and well…(Read More)

July Training


This month with all the engagements, weddings, anniversaries and such, our focus will be on marriage more than discipleship. But marriage is a discipline all by itself! Can I hear a hearty amen from the wives?! Lol!¬†With those things in mind, we will be doing the 40 Day Love Dare from the movie “Fireproof…(Read More)

My husband needs help! I do too, of course, but I mean, he needs my help! God has designed us as women to help our men. It is not because they are weak but because they are not always as help-full as they can be for God’s purposes without their wives. Together we…(Read More)

Today We Fast


Hi sis! We would usually have two prayer calls planned for today in the morning and evening, but we are highly suggesting listening to the prayer calls for husbands with Natalie Pickett all this month. At 9pm EST this evening and all month long, you can call¬†1-712-432-3100 access code: 343629 to…(Read More)

Today we Fast


Ladies, on the 12th of every month is our official day of prayer and fasting here at Wifestyle Image Network. This is the day that we set apart to come before the throne of God for our marriages, our relationships and God’s will for our lives. Please list your prayer request in the prayer…(Read More)

Communion Part II


Click on this link to hear my take on Communion and how it relates to the Church, Marriage, Sex and the Lord’s Supper. “Anita on Communion…(Read More)

Flee Adultery


One day after work, my Maurice said he had something to tell me. I could tell by his face that it was serious. He proceeded to explain what had happened at work. An older woman had approached him, told him how handsome he was, touched his face and offered to photograph him. “Say what??!!”, was…(Read More)

Christ iN me, the hope of glory! When I made the commitment to become a christian, I also committed myself to Christ himself and to his body. When you think of the word communion, what does it mean to you? For some, it is what you do on the first Sunday of the month. But…(Read More)