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This month’s study will involve joining the Unveiled Wife community in the study of the book “A Wife After God” by Jennifer Smith. You can find all the links to information ¬†HERE. Watch this introductory video to the study:¬†Wife After God What You Will Need To Join: Make sure you have your own…(Read More)

Your Breath Stinks


“Your breath stinks” he said. That’s hard to hear from your husband, especially if you are feeling super cute, your hair is on point and you have on his favorite perfume. You are hoping that you get to do one of your favorite married activities with him and he totally kills the mood. I…(Read More)

Marriage Mistake


Have you ever felt that getting married was a mistake? Perhaps You married the wrong personn? Perhaps you married too soon? Maybe this was your idea and not God’s idea? You did not realize that they were like that. You didn’t know they had that habit, or that their life would change so…(Read More)