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October Training


Ahhh…it’s October. It’s getting cooler and all married women know that it is officially cuddle season! But if you are not married, this training is still certainly for you. A great marriage may just be #MeantToBe for you too! This month, our focus is on mentorship in relationships. Meant To Be: The…(Read More)

August Training


This month we return to The Titus Ten to learn more about Mentoring other women in the ten things that are clearly written in the Word of God.  This is the second time that we will visit this book this year. Get your copy for the book club at, on your Kindle device…(Read More)

This month we are continuing “Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor” by Donna Otto. You can see past discussions and join in either on Facebook on Saturday mornings at 9am EST or Google+ on Saturday  evenings at 8pm EST. In addition to this, we are collaborating with Natalie Pickett to do prayer calls through “The…(Read More)

Being a Mother


As I was studying Judges with the WIN group going through 52 Women of the Bible, my thoughts turned to Deborah, the female wife and judge of Israel. Female leadership is not non-existent in the Bible. This woman was married but was the leader over God’s people as well. We see her story…(Read More)

This month’s training will be solely focused on mentorship. We will be exploring the scriptures regarding mentoring and being a mentee. The book we will use for our study is called “Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor” by Donna Otto. You can find it on Amazon for very little or borrow it from a…(Read More)

A new month is upon us. I stumbled onto a really great training as I was looking though some books that I had set aside to read later. It’s called “Impact my Life”. It is FREE mentor training and study for four weeks with a facebook group of other mentor trainers. You can look…(Read More)

New WIN Groups


Hey Ladies! There is so much to share with you now! We have reached the one month mark of Wifestyle Image Network. Yay!! So much has been done and yet we still have so much to do. First of all, let me tell you that there are a few women who have completed the My…(Read More)

Terminology related to coaching can be confusing. So let’s clear up a few things Training As a member of the Wifestyle Image Network, you have access to training. You will be given information and knowledge from others who have implemented discipling relationships with others. You will glean from their knowledge and develop your own…(Read More)