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Many of you know that I met my husband online. Yes, it was internet love and I’ve been thinking about it. With the dawn of new technology comes new ways of reaching out to people, staying connected and getting their attention. However, there are also very real dangers of information sharing, stalkers and media…(Read More)

God Will Remember You Anyone who has ever gone through divorce can tell you, it isn’t the easiest of transactions. While it may take 5 minutes to say I do, it takes a lot longer to undo the do. It can be painful. And monotonous. I would know. I officially began my journey to…(Read More)

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A simple way to share the love of Jesus with others is to simply tell another person how to came to know Jesus. You want to include three things. What life was like before Christ, how you got saved and what difference has it made in your life now. It may help to write it…(Read More)