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For the remaining three months of 2015, Wifestyle Image Network will focus its efforts on making disciples. Our goal is to grow women into discplemakers in the next three months. It’s called CPR! We are called to life and to live abundantly by making disciples who disciple others. All new converts to Christ Jesus…(Read More)

December Training


We are talking about Spiritual Gifts this month. They are a part of everyone’s God-Given design and function. Whether we use our gifts to God’s glory or not is up to us, but the Word says that they are given “without repentance”, meaning that God is not going to revoke or take…(Read More)

November Training


This month our focus is on Loving Others! We will do this by taking our focus away from ourselves. It is the season to be thankful for your lot and portion of life and to concentrate on others. This is what we will do: For Wives: The first 7 days of this month will be…(Read More)

October Training


Ahhh…it’s October. It’s getting cooler and all married women know that it is officially cuddle season! But if you are not married, this training is still certainly for you. A great marriage may just be #MeantToBe for you too! This month, our focus is on mentorship in relationships. Meant To Be: The…(Read More)

September Training


We will spend the next 25 days diving into the Word of God regarding discipleship. This month we are using the Youversion study entitled “One-2-One”. All you need to do is to sign up at for an account and search for the study plan. Invite others, read the study for each…(Read More)

August Training


This month we return to The Titus Ten to learn more about Mentoring other women in the ten things that are clearly written in the Word of God.  This is the second time that we will visit this book this year. Get your copy for the book club at, on your Kindle device…(Read More)

July Training


This month with all the engagements, weddings, anniversaries and such, our focus will be on marriage more than discipleship. But marriage is a discipline all by itself! Can I hear a hearty amen from the wives?! Lol! With those things in mind, we will be doing the 40 Day Love Dare from the movie “Fireproof…(Read More)

June Training


We begin our June Training today! We are learning to make disciples. This month we are using Replicate ministries. Go to the website and download the book “Hear God Speak” for free! Start reading. Then wait for our weekly email for the hangout discussion times! There are also accompanying videos on YouTube 🙂 Click here…(Read More)

Welcome to the month of May! I’m super excited about this month’s trainings! We are joining with two ministries to provide two different trainings. Last month, we focused a lot on mentorship. This month we are focusing more on discipleship. It’s time out for excuses ladies. Let’s be about our Father…(Read More)

This month we are continuing “Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor” by Donna Otto. You can see past discussions and join in either on Facebook on Saturday mornings at 9am EST or Google+ on Saturday  evenings at 8pm EST. In addition to this, we are collaborating with Natalie Pickett to do prayer calls through “The…(Read More)