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Who needs Strength?


Strong in the Spirit None of us are strong alone. We are frail, weak and will fail. Our bones will rot and we will return to the dust we came from. But we can be strong in the Spirit if the Spirit of God lives within us. In the same way that we work out…(Read More)

December Training


We are talking about Spiritual Gifts this month. They are a part of everyone’s God-Given design and function. Whether we use our gifts to God’s glory or not is up to us, but the Word says that they are given “without repentance”, meaning that God is not going to revoke or take…(Read More)

When we enter the presence of our Holy God, our hearts should overflow with Thanksgiving! Gratitude is expressed in how we give back to the Giver of all good things. Giving with joy indicates that we understand that we are merely stewards of everything good we possess. We can’t allow things to possess us…(Read More)

Today We Fast


November is upon us! That means Thanksgiving is near. Our theme for this month is “Giving”! We are fasting for* : 1. Relationships (giving ourselves to our spouses) 2. Release from debt burdens (so we can give more) 3. Growth in our Giving (money, time, talents, etc…) *These are just prayer points, but feel free…(Read More)

Let’s Have Church


Have you ever had a church experience that you didn’t want to end? Have you ever felt like “This is heaven on earth” during a worship service? I’ve heard people say that God “showed up” at church or they pray for the presence of God to enter the place and to “fill the…(Read More)

November Training


This month our focus is on Loving Others! We will do this by taking our focus away from ourselves. It is the season to be thankful for your lot and portion of life and to concentrate on others. This is what we will do: For Wives: The first 7 days of this month will be…(Read More)

Many of you know that I met my husband online. Yes, it was internet love and I’ve been thinking about it. With the dawn of new technology comes new ways of reaching out to people, staying connected and getting their attention. However, there are also very real dangers of information sharing, stalkers and media…(Read More)

It is a common thing to hear people say, “no one is perfect” or “perfection is not possible.”  I respectfully disagree according to the word of God AKA The Holy Bible.  I am, however, sympathetic to what these people are saying because of the false representation of perfection that has been presented around the world…(Read More)

October Training


Ahhh…it’s October. It’s getting cooler and all married women know that it is officially cuddle season! But if you are not married, this training is still certainly for you. A great marriage may just be #MeantToBe for you too! This month, our focus is on mentorship in relationships. Meant To Be: The…(Read More)