God Will Remember You


God Will Remember You

Anyone who has ever gone through divorce can tell you, it isn’t the easiest of transactions. While it may take 5 minutes to say I do, it takes a lot longer to undo the do. It can be painful. And monotonous. I would know. I officially began my journey to divorce late last year. It was after much prayer, counseling, tears and Oreo cookies, that I realized I was worth more than the multitude of affairs he was having. So I took the plunge. It’s been full of ups, downs, lefts, rights, diagonals….and a couple of false starts. All leading to one signature away…from divorce. As a Christian woman, I’ve stayed prayed up, churched up, in my word, engulfed in gospel music…all in an attempt to keep my eyes on Christ, instead of my situation. My friends and family have been uber supportive, pointing me back to what “Thus saith the Lord” when I would rather get into my feelings and what “Thus saith VEE!”. And yet there are times I feel that God doesn’t hear me. During those times I’d think, “I’m keeping my eyes on you, and you don’t even know I’m here!!”. Like different characters in the Bible, I can’t physically touch the hem of you garment, or ride on my donkey saying all is well, as I travel to see you. I pray, I fast, I cry, I speak in other tongues (some of which may be in the spirit)…. I would do the running man in the corner with a tutu on if I thought it would help. And still…God are you there? Do you know I’m here? Because I’m this close to a temper tantrum that would rival most two year olds who doesn’t get their way. Then, here comes the deep wonders who say “enjoy the journey”. I would rather enjoy a root canal!…..or worse, running out of Oreos! How do you enjoy this? How do you enjoy your spouse’s infidelity? How do you enjoy the end? How do you enjoy being ignored by God?

Then I get to Genesis 8:1 “But God remembered Noah…”. I didn’t even need to read the rest. (Just in case you need to know, God remembered Noah, his family and the animals in the ark and calmed the flood. They had been in the ark for 150 days. In a storm. Can you imagine the frustration? Must’ve seemed endless). God sees all. Whether He caused it, or allowed it, He sees it. And in His time, He will calm the flood. The storm. The divorce. The hurt. All we have to do is stay in the ark of His safety! Please know, even though it hurts right now, and you may feel unheard, you may not be able to see daylight…keep doing right in God’s eyes. And experience the journey. On it, you learn so much about yourself, and so much more about Christ. He is faithful. He loves YOU. And He will remember you!!

Valencia Fowler



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  1. WoW-oo! Valencia!!!

    This is so very powerful. I’m just going to jump right to the point that made me scream out loud, “… God sees all. Whether He caused it, or allowed it, He sees it.” Some people can’t even process the thought of God causing or better yet allowing divorce. Oh naw girl, not in the church, God forbid is what they say. They bolding proclaim that the word says “He hates divorce (the putting away),” but it didn’t say it would never, ever happen. Not only does it happen, in the church, to church people, to Christians, etc…. It happens and guess what God allowed it! Just this week, I had to come face to face with God and say LORD, I forgive you. What!!! Now process that, i’m saying i forgive You! Well He asked me, do you forgive Me? because I allowed it. Do you forgive Me? because I also allowed the reminders too. uWhaaaat!!!! I said that in my mind as if God couldn’t hear me, but it was the truth, a very loud silent cry of truth. God said in His word that the truth shall make you free! Well the truth also hurts, but I stand free today. I also learned that until you let go, you hold onto something that wasn’t meant for you to hold on to. Like why would i continue to hold on to this hurt in my heart if God allowed it. Am I secretly angry with Him now cause i’m still holding on? It’s time to LET it GO! FORGIVE ALL, all, including the one who allowed it.

    And let me say one more thing about the silent cries. So many people remain in the abusive marriage, the prison cell, and its a silent putting away, yup, a silent divorce, that ones that goes unrecorded, off the record, kept secret, and it damages the image of true matrimony, as a matter of fact its not HOLY! Matrimony is only HOLY when God is in the center! The moment you consent to the silent putting away, you also consent to dulling your ears to His voice. There are no secrets in the eyes of the Lord “… but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.” God is seeing it all, ALL the putting away, including the hidden, so called secret ones. So sad but we don’t address that as boldly, instead people keep their mouths shut and no word is thrown at that cause the marriage has a seemingly compliance to God’s word. People are dying in the church and no one is saying anything. In that souls are being lost!

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