Single Season (Guest blog)


So you’re single? I mean single single, like not even any potential prospects in sight. I get how that can be difficult especially when you see everyone getting engaged around the holidays. Every time you go to YouTube, you see another person posting the infamous “couples tag” and you look on thinking I want that. Or my favorite one is seeing/hearing couples who did it God’s way talk about how great marriage is when you do it God’s way and you want that so bad and you’re thinking, God when is it going to be my time??? In God’s perfect timing sisters! We don’t want to rush our seasons because each is preparing us for the next. If we don’t allow God to complete the work He’s trying to do in us during our single season what makes us think He’s going to move us to our married season! Can I share a harsh truth? God will not send us our future spouse if we aren’t ready yet and the reality is most of us are not ready to be a wife yet and that is okay! It’s not our time yet. I remember there being a time where I was obsessing about my married days way too much and God nicely showed me that a spouse is a helpmeet, not an accessory to your facebook page. I wasn’t doing anything Kingdom focused at the time and God was showing me Angel what do you need help with? You aren’t doing anything!!

We have to remember that God will not withhold anything from those who walk upright (Psalm 84:11). We can trust that truth because His word says so and that lets us know that we must keep our eyes focused on Him and not the “good thing.” Furthermore, we don’t keep our eyes on God or diligently seek Him just so that He can give us a husband. It is our rightful service and honor to seek after God simply for who He is and not just what He can give us. We don’t live for God with the hope that He will give us a husband in return for our “good behavior.” No ma’am; if that’s the case we’re not really pursuing God and what we are doing is in vain. Get focused on Christ and not the man and God will send the man in His timing and His timing alone. Going along with that, as singles we don’t have to make ourselves extra available to be noticed by men. Proverbs 18:22 tells us that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. So often women think well I’m not chasing a man, I’m just making myself available so that the man can chase me…the focus is still wrong and you’re trying to attract attention to yourself. Can I be honest with you sis? An attention seeking spirit does not honor God because the focus is shifted from Him to you. God will make your light shine bright to the one who He for you because it will the light of Christ that is shining from within you that will be attracting the true man of God.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that singles need to hide in their homes and expect God to send their future spouse to their front door step. Instead spend time with God and get busy doing what He’s called you to do and trust and believe He will make you available to the one He has chosen for you. Be encouraged ladies! It’s not a waiting game; it’s a trusting God lifestyle.

Angel Walston | Changed Hearts United |

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  1. I love this blog. Before I got close to God, this was me. I hated being single and it urked my nerves that when I thought I found a good man, I got played. Im so glad I got close to God and understand that he will send me someone in his timing!!!!!

    • YES indeed! God’s timing is perfect and since He is not the author of confusion we don’t have to play the guessing game of trying to figure out who the right one is. He will definitely make that clear in His timing.

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