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So say you are going on a road trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Now you’ve never been to Atlanta. You’re all packed, the gas tank is full, you’ve got your GPS set, you’ve gone to the bathroom, and you are ready to go. You’re trying to go somewhere you’ve never gone before so you really need to be focused. You’ve never been on these roads and highways before, you don’t know the speed limits, you don’t know if there’s construction going on, you don’t know anything. You are relying completely on your GPS to get you to your destination. Knowing all this, wouldn’t you say its really important not to get distracted on this trip. I mean you mess around and get distracted and you could end up lost and your trip that was only meant to take 9 hours could end up taking 12 hours or you could never reach your intended destination. A road trip to a place you’ve never been is not the time to text while driving (though you shouldn’t be doing that anyways), do your makeup, eat, talk on the phone for long periods of time, etc. These are things that distract you from what your focus needs to be on and that is the road and getting to Atlanta.

Now more than ever, there are so many things out here that are trying to distract us. As Christians, each and every one of us has a specific call/purpose on our lives. Some of us know what that is and others God hasn’t revealed it to them yet, but we’ve all been instructed to, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, making disciples…” (Matthew 28:19) In order to do our job as Christians, get where God wants to take us and be all He has called us to be, we have to give Him our Undivided Attention. God and Kingdom Business should be the main things we are focused on.

Undivided – not separated into parts or groups, concentrated on one object, idea, etc

Attention – the act or faculty of attending, especially by directing the mind to an object.


Why We Must Give God Our Undivided Attention?

  1. When your attention is scattered and on multiple things you miss stuff. You don’t get all you were meant to receive when God doesn’t have your total attention. You miss out on stuff that God wanted to show you and reveal to you because your focus wasn’t completely on Him. Growing up in school, when you were in class distracted you could mess around and miss some important information, things you need to fully grasp a specific concept, or information you needed to pass a test. The same is true with God. We have to live by Colossians 3:2, “Set your mind on things above, not earthly things.” When we are Kingdom focused and have our eyes fixed on God we don’t miss the things He desires to reveal to us.

  2. Someone’s salvation and deliverance could be wrapped up in you doing what God called you to do. When we are distracted and not on our jobs as Christians, we miss opportunities…opportunities to share our testimonies, opportunities to witness, opportunities for someone to come into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. The time is drawing near for Jesus to return. We know this and so does Satan, which is why there are more things than ever to distract us. Satan is pulling out all the stops to try to prevent us from walking in our purposes, sharing Christ and making disciples. We cannot afford missed opportunities, we need to be out here preaching, teaching, and reaching as many as possible for the Kingdom. We want as many as possible to make it into heaven. We must give God our attention, and stay focused on what He has called us to do.

  3. Because He knows where He’s taking us. He knew us before he formed us in our mother’s womb. He knew how he would use us, where He would take us, etc. He is the one directing our paths (Proverbs 3:5-6). In order to get where God has called us we have to make sure that we are paying attention to Him.

  4. If we’re not paying attention to God, we will end up lost. I don’t know about you, but there have been times when I’ve felt lost and stuck and like I didn’t know where I was going and I had to realize that I was distracted and I haven’t been paying attention to God. You can’t get to where God has called you to be if you aren’t paying attention and communicating with God aka your GPS.  You have to pay attention to God in order to reach your destination. #remainfocused

  5. When your eyes aren’t fixed on God you are more susceptible to the Enemy. When God doesn’t have your attention, you give the Enemy a foothold. I’ve found out that when you take your attention off of God all these things pop up and distract you and then you find yourself wondering how you got so far away from the path God had you on and it’s because you took your eyes off of Him, you stopped paying attention to Him, you stopped communicating with Him, etc. We have to give God our attention and keep our eyes fixed on Him.

We have to be able to recognize when we are distracted and when the Enemy is trying to distract us, we have to know his tactics. And I will throw this in for free, for all the singles out there that desire to be married…the one that God has picked out especially for you is not a distraction or a detour from where God is taking you. The one for you doesn’t take you off course, they keep you on course. He isn’t a distraction. He was made to be your companion and you his on the journey because you are both going in the same direction. God has plans to use the two of you to build up His kingdom together. That person God has for you will push you closer to God, not distract you from Him and your calling.

We have to keep our eyes on God and pay attention to Him. We must remain kingdom focused because we have such an important job to do as Christians.

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  1. The enemy is a Master distractor! It takes practice and consistency to remain and abide in Christ so that we stay forward-focused. Looking at the past or worrying about the future are equally distracting to the task that God has given us TODAY!

    Loved this!

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