You Can’t Survive on Empty


According to my research, a person can survive 30-40 days without food as

long as they are properly hydrated. Water is a different story…You can only

survive for 3-4 days without water. I said that to say this, everything has

something that fuels it, something it intakes to ensure survival. For humans

that thing is food and water.

Everything I blog about is something that God is dealing with me on. One of

the things I’ve struggled with on my Christian Walk is consistency in my Quiet

Time. As of late I’ve been unmotivated to dive in my Word and get on my face

and pray. Basically I haven’t been spending time with God like I should. What

God has showed me is that you can’t survive on empty. The vast majority of

us have cars. Now we all know when our car is low on gas…the arrow starts to

get real close to the E, the gas light comes on. Some of us even have that thing

down to a science (I know some of us are on a tight budget lol). But some of

y’all know when your gas light is on that you have maybe one more day you

can drive to and from work and your car won’t break down lol. But we all know

if we want our cars to continue to function and run that we better pull into

somebody’s gas station and fill her up. Even if we don’t have enough to fill

her all the way up because gas prices be trying to break somebody smh, we

definitely go put $10-20 worth in our gas tank.

Much like our physical man thrives, grows and functions due to food and

water, our spiritual man also requires fuel. Our spiritual fuel is time spent in

the presence of the Father, time spent in the Word, time spent in prayer, and

time spent in fellowship with other believers. We need this for our spirit man

to survive, grow and thrive. Now I know I’m not the only one that has gone

around with their spirit man running on E. One thing God showed me is that

you have to do something when you are empty. You literally physically have to

do something about this predicament or you will end up broke down

somewhere. This is what God revealed to me during one of my Quiet Times:

You can’t be filled if you don’t position yourself to be filled. I talked about cars

needing gas. Your car will stay on empty if you refuse to take it to the gas

station and it will eventually break down and cease to function. There is only

so long you can go on fumes. The same is true of your relationship with God. If

you don’t get on your knees, get in your Word, etc when you are empty you

will stay empty. You must position yourself to be filled. When you go to the

gas station you have to pull up to a gasoline pump, make sure you pull up with

the side that has the gas tank, you have to open you gas tank and you have to

place the gas pump in your gas tank and you have to make sure that you pay.

Just like you have to position your car to be filled, we have to get in position

for our spirit man to be filled. I mentioned that you have to pay to fill up your

gas tank, you have to sacrifice something. Now we don’t have to pay God to be

filled, but we do have to sacrifice and give Him some of our time in order to be

filled once again. So give the very author of time some time so that He can fill

you up once again. Get positioned everyday to be filled, pull into that spiritual

gas station, sacrifice some time for your Heavenly Father, get filled, get

replenished, get refreshed. And pour out onto Him your praise, your worship,

your thanksgiving. Don’t just take from God, but give back to Him what He is

so deserving of. Remember you can’t survive on empty.

God also showed me that you can be filling yourself with something, but it

may not be what you need. We need food to have energy to keep going through

the day, which is why if we work at our job for a certain number of ours we

have a scheduled break. Employers want their employees to be pleasant and at

their best throughout the day. Know who has ever taken their lunch break only

to go back to work more exhausted than before? In fact you have a serious

case of the ITIS lol. Why do you have the ITIS? Because you ate food that

made you tired instead of giving you energy, so now you really have to push

to get through that last four hours at work. Sometimes as Christians we fill

ourselves with things we don’t need, things that don’t nurture us, things of this

world. So we’re filling up on something, but our spirit man is still empty. Our

flesh is over there becoming overweight and our spirit man is looking like a

malnourished child on the verge of starvation. Check yourself everyday. Did

I feed my spirit man? I was talking to my best friend, Angel, a couple weeks

ago and we were talking about our struggle with spending time with God and

she shared something that God showed her when she was going about her day.

She was physically hungry earlier, but then it had been awhile and she wasn’t

hungry anymore. And God was like that’s it, not talking about her physical

hunger, but her spiritual hunger. It’s not that you’re not hungry for God, its

that you don’t even realize that you’re hungry anymore. There comes a point

when someone has physically been hungry for so long that they no longer feel

hunger pains. This can happen spiritually as well. Your spirit man could be

slowly starving and you don’t even realize it anymore because there are no

hunger pains. But your spirit man is hungry, hungry for God! Don’t get to the

point where you are so empty that you don’t even realize how hungry you are,

how desperately you need to be filled.

Live by these verses knowing that you can’t survive on empty:

James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…”

Matthew 6:33 “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness,

and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I love you all dearly and so does God.



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  1. So true!! LOL @ITIS but I have experienced all of the above. This morning I jumped back into my reading after a whole year according to my journal. It started out that my mind was in a billion places, and I started to time watch like okay that’s enough….(delusion at its best!) but I fought through it…even woke my 11 year old up and she hopped right out of bed when I told her I was about to do my bible reading. She found her journal as well and I exhaled and we got into a deep discussion and shared our thoughts…leaving us forgetting all about the time. I can’t explain the spiritual energy I feel! I’m sure I could go on but I have a rule to give great word time to meditate on the soul. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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