Being a Mother


As I was studying Judges with the WIN group going through 52 Women of the Bible, my thoughts turned to Deborah, the female wife and judge of Israel. Female leadership is not non-existent in the Bible. This woman was married but was the leader over God’s people as well. We see her story in Judges 4 and 5.

She functions as a prophetess when one of the soldiers for Israel is told by God to take a certain city and King Sisera, and she conveys the message. This man, however, says that we will not go to the battle without her. This is an interesting request, but she agrees to go and further prophesies that because of his doubt, the battle will be won by the hand of a woman.

As the story goes, this battle is no contest.

All of the opposing King’s men were slain and he alone is attempting to escape and hide. The other woman in this story, Jael, invites him into her tent for shelter from his enemies, but ultimately kills him with a tent peg through his temple. I know, right? A little “500-ish” if you are familiar with that movie. They sing and rejoice for the fulfillment of the prophecy and Deborah calls herself a “A Mother in Israel”.

In our discussions was a question about mothering others. As disciples and disciplemakers, we give new christians the sincere milk of the Word to help them grow. We may even have to walk alongside them. When they are challenged and go to battle against the enemy of their souls, our words can harm or heal. Deborah could have easily called the soldier a wimp and told him to fight like a man, but she used discernment. When Jael entrapped Sisera she could have allowed evil to live and prevail in her home but she didn’t.

Discipleship is not for wimps!

Mothers are fighters and warriors for their homes and families. Home may be the first place where we start discipling others. As God opens doors of opportunity to share the gospel, we should do so unashamed. Be prepared for a fight. Put on the whole armor of God. Teach those you are leading to Christ to do the same. Let’s do this together if need be. The enemy is already defeated in Jesus name!

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