Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means that you will follow Him and strive to be like Him.  Discipleship takes time, effort and sacrifice. When the first disciples followed Jesus, they left jobs, money, even family behind. Pursuing after Christ does not mean that you have to move and become a missionary or something. It just means that you will be obedient to whatever God is calling you to do.

You know that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ because you begin to act more like Him. You find yourself trying to be like the teacher. What did He say? How did He act? How did He make decisions? When your day to day activity begins to be in light of what Jesus did and you begin to rely on the Holy Spirit, you will find yourself showing the fruit of a disciple.

The most important and obvious sign that you are a disciple of Jesus Christ is by your love for others. They will know that we are christians by our love! John 13:35

You will notice that you are becoming more disciplined in your prayer life and have a new hunger and thirst for things that are spiritual. It is a sign that you are growing in Christ. You see, new baby christians desire the sincere milk of the Word, but they should not stay there. They develop and mature into a disciple that makes disciples and multiplication happens – that is the Great Commission while we remain here on earth. Make disciples was the last command given by Jesus to those who followed Him.

Be a disciple and make disciples! Let’s do it together!


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