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As I was doing some laundry over the weekend, I caught my son looking at the new Bible App for Kids by Youversion. He was sitting in a laundry basket and enjoying himself. Then I heard the narrator talking about the Resurrection of Christ and the Holy Spirit opened my heart to something new in this story.

After Jesus had been buried Mary and some other women went to the tomb to put spices on his body. Think about this. When the Angels told them that Jesus was no longer there they were instructed to go and tell the disciples that Jesus was written from the dead. They were the first disciples! The women were the ones who were told by the angels to tell the disciples that Jesus was alive. They were the first who would share the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a calling! What a awesome command!

I’m encouraged because they were told to tell disciples, not just anyone, but disciples. Disciples are people who follow Christ and encourage others to do the same. The gospel was given to dependable followers by women who were obedient. What if they had decided that they would sit at the tomb and wait around instead? What if they went off and told some other people who were not disciples? What would have happened then? Thank God for Mary and the other women who shared the Good News first!

Today after church I went out to grab a bite to eat. I was feeling sorry for the woman was serving me. She was working all alone and seem to be a bit stressed. She was the one taking orders and she went on to make and serve the food. At that moment, I felt led to share the gospel. I was waiting for the right opportunity. I offered a daily bread devotional to her with a secret $25 gift card inside as a big tip. As I prepared to give it, another worker, a guy with tattoos covering just about his entire body walks in and gets behind the counter. I asked the woman, “If I give this to you, will you read it?”. She refused. In disappointment, I Immediately asked the guy who willingly accepted the devotional. Perhaps that was God’s plan after all. He may share the good news with someone else if they can get past his tattoos. He just may become a disciple for Christ!

I wonder about that initial reception and rejection of the good news by the disciples and by people today. If they only knew!!

If you take the time to research other biblical stories, you will see that God has used women first to share the Gospel, to bring Jesus into the world to Win cities (woman at the Well) and The Bride of Christ herself is a female character. Females are instrumental in God’s plan of salvation and discipleship. I got excited. Maybe just maybe, God can use me and you after all!

The only thing holding us back is us!


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  1. Great post! I heard a pastor say recently that rejection is a great tool when decipling because it helps to identify the fertile ground that’s ready to receive the seed. I use to be bound by rejection until Jesus reassured me of my identity in him. Thank God that you don’t let it keep you silent but you allow the Lord to boldly speak through you. Keep marching sister. Thanks for sharing.

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