Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Can you believe that 2013 is coming to an end. Almost three short months ago Wifestyle Image Network was born! Now, we are several cities, states and countries strong. Women from all walks of life are answering the call to discipleship and mentoring younger women.

At the end of the year, most businesses take an inventory, audit or assessment to see how they are doing financially. Usually the monetary strength of an organization indicates its health. At Wifestyle Image Network, our growth is indicated by souls and marriages won. So, with that in mind, how many people have you influenced for the sake of the gospel? Have you been keeping up with your mentees? How has your spiritual growth been? How is the strength of your marriage union?

We will all be held accountable to God for how we have lived our lives. He has placed gifts, talents, children and resources into our hands. Will we bury them and hope that He will be pleased? Or, will we put our hands to the plow and bring Him a harvest? I am determined to multiply what God has given me and my goal is to help you to do the same!

I’m excited for the things to come in 2014. You will be introduced to the WIN events on The Net as well as our already established weekly studies, monthly prayer and fasting events and daily encouraging text messages and blogs. If you care to contribute a blog post, host an event in your city or lead a prayer call, let me know! Let’s push each other to be great disciples for Christ!

The Lord has showed me that as a Wifecoach, my role for you all is that of a midwife.You have so much inside of you and sometimes, you just need a push or two to deliver that thing that God has placed inside of you. I am happy to be your coach. I am rooting for you and can’t wait to see how God will use your gifts to further the Kingdom. For far too long, people (especially women) have been stiffled and made to feel insignificant in the Body of Christ. I am here to help free you from that mentality! You are FREE in Christ Jesus. Free to minister. Free to disciple. Free from sin and free to live a Holy life!

This holiday season, pray for opportunities to lead someone else to freedom. Discipleship comes with a cost. We cannot afford NOT to share the gospel with others. It will cost you your life, but the return is eternity. The cost of not sharing is knowing that people you could have shared with will be lost for eternity. The real meaning of Christmas is a life of freedom in Christ Jesus. Start 2014 with a purposed heart and mind. Focus on the things that will last forever.

That is all that really matters.


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