Behold! All things are become New!


Welcome to the new home of Wifestyle Image Network!

My heart is so full of thanks and praise to God at this moment. I am so gratfeul for the Creative Team @ WIN that put this amazing website together for us. It is rare to meet good people who can see your vision and are as passionate about seeing it come about as you are. I count myself blessed and highly favored to know such people.

Many of you know that even in my busyness, I am very concentrated in my efforts to fulfill my part of the Great Commission given to us by Christ. It is my goal to help each and every one of you to do the same. This is an empowering, mission-minded network of wives who see God’s call to model Titus 2 womanhood and are motivated to mentor others to do the same. This is also a fellowship and a sisterhood where we can share ideas, ministries, businesses and fun!

For God to take our broken pieces and transform them into this beautiful network mosaic is beyond my comprehension sis! He does all things very well doesn’t He? All glory to the matchless name of Jesus Christ!

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