Questions about Coaching


Terminology related to coaching can be confusing. So let’s clear up a few things


As a member of the Wifestyle Image Network, you have access to training. You will be given information and knowledge from others who have implemented discipling relationships with others. You will glean from their knowledge and develop your own



As a network member who is trained, you will be sharing your new wisdom, experiences and knowledge with a mentee. A mentee is someone who is learning from the experience of another. You will be expected to share your testimony with your mentee and guide them into a closer walk with Christ. If your mentee is a christian, this will be a mutual effort to strive to be Titus 2 women. This network will provide you with resources to meet that goal, develope your mentee to mentor others and take on another group of women who do the same.



My ultimate goal is to make coaches out of mentors who have developed disciples among their groups of women. At this level, you are able to train and mentor groups of women successfully. Individual coaching sessions can help someone refine their training and mentoring skills or to give direction regarding personal issues in their marriage or life in general. This is also offered here at W.I.N. You can use your coaching skill set in your church, at work and in daily life with others. You are a disciple-maker!



Counselors help people deal with issues in theie past. Usually this person does this as an occupation and has extensive training and education, often a degree or two. In our network, we rely on the Holy Spirit to counsel each individual as they have need. Obviously there are situations that require a counselor for a person in a deeply-rooted issue in their marriage. W.I.N. does do referrals to christian counselors because a coach will not fulfill this need.

I am here to help you to meet your goal as a discipler of other women in order to fulfill the Great Commission given to every christian.

You can schedule individual appointments for coaching with me HERE.

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