New WIN Groups


Hey Ladies!

There is so much to share with you now!

We have reached the one month mark of Wifestyle Image Network. Yay!! So much has been done and yet we still have so much to do. First of all, let me tell you that there are a few women who have completed the My Hope training and are now on their way to the next! Also, there are new ministries being created that you can support. The two newest are Wives of the Light (Valerie and Stephanie) and Titus 2gether (Ericka) – find info under discussions and under the WIN Ohio group. I am so proud and happy to support these ladies in discipling other young women single and married!

Also, I now have a back office and a wonderful sister to help me. Praise God for help! It was just in time. So expect quick responses and more individual support. Where God guides, He provides!

Keep your eyes on our calendar. Things are being added all the time. Soon, some of our sisters will become moderators and will be able to post events for their WIN groups and ministries to women. You must have completed at least one training, be mentoring and have another sister in your WIN group.

What did you ask? How many groups are there? Currently, we have 13 groups internationaly and 26 women participating in the network. Let’s work on growing groups. This is where our discipemakers make disciples! Pray about how to get other married women involved. If your heart is to help fulfill the Great Commission, God will direct you how.

This morning, I took the time to pray over every single person in this network. Expect whatever you are asking God for in fulfilling his purposes for you sis. Look for it. He is a Revealer. Know that He will use you, yes even you, to expand the Kingdom of God. You may not feel ready, but He is. The Lord is searching for those who simply decide to say “Yes”.

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