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7 Responses to "The NET"
  1. YES SIS, this was right on time. I am the first to admit that I live my life in fear. I am always questioning my actions and lack of actions. Everyday I wake up giving God control of my day and asking Him what can I do to serve Him today and sometimes the answer I receive I am uncomfortable with. For instance, I would send out emails of notes and encouraging words to people about God but in the beginning, I would filter who I sent it to because I feared what people would think or offending others. This also goes for Instagram, I had to really check myself and motives and remind myself that I am Living a Life for His purpose and not mine. I have a heart of service and I am constantly asking God to show me where to serve and when He did, I tried to tweak it so that it can fit my comfortability. But I realized that saying Yes to Jesus meant saying NO to COMFORT and I had to get away from this “fan” mentality and commit to Him in order to really follow Him. To be honest this stretching is uncomfortable but it is worth it.

    • I hear you sis! Like when Peter stepped out the boat into the water when Jesus said “Come”, we must be willing to exit our comfort zones by faith. God is forever faithful and trustworthy. He will not let us fall if we keep our eyes on Him! Focus is so key.

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