November Training


This month our focus is on Loving Others!

We will do this by taking our focus away from ourselves. It is the season to be thankful for your lot and portion of life and to concentrate on others. This is what we will do:

For Wives:

The first 7 days of this month will be devoted to loving our husbands. We will be doing the “From This Day Forward” reading plan on the Youversion Bible  app. Many of us are following each other from a previous training. If you want to follow others doing this study (starting today), list your Youversion profile name in the comments below.



For Everyone: 

Activity #1:

We are excited to join More Love Letters this month! This is an organization that seeks to promote loving others by a very simple method – letter writing!! We will all be writing letters to strangers who need encouragement, scripture and the love of Jesus. It’s very easy.

You will go to the website and find the story of someone who needs a letter (there are several) and you will write a handwritten letter to them that you send to More Love Letters who will in turn forward all letters to that person in a special bundle of love! It’s such a simple, selfless activity to do, but so powerful! You are also able to nominate others for Love Letters. Just share their story of why they need a bunch of love letters and the organization does the rest!

So go ahead and find a story and send a letter, or two or ten this season of Thanksgiving. You can find the site HERE. If you are participating, share your experience in the comments below. #WeWIN when we #makelovefamous!







Activity #2

At the very end of the month, we will be joining She Reads Truth for their December advent study called “O Come Let Us Adore Him”. You can download the free app on any device and search for the study late in the month. You can also preorder the Advent Study Pack HERE if you like (it will cost more after 11/1/14), but you do not need it to participate at all.

If you are joining us for the advent study which will continue into December, please comment below and post in your social media using the hashtag #WeAdoreHim.


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  1. I started the From This Day Forward plan on the Bible App. Loving it so far. I’m doing that and Meant to Be to focus on my marriage (which is a ministry all its own) this month.

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