WIN Training – October 2013


The very first training offered to teach us how to mentor and disciple younger women was “My Hope America” with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). Offered for free online, this training had accompanying video as well as class discussions. Once completed, the trainee received a certificate of completion.

This was the link:

The BGEA is well known for its simplistic but effective approach to spreading the gospel and following up with new disciples of Christ. This program was picked for those reasons. If you are not sure of the hope you have within you, how can you share with others? This training taught how to know that you are saved and how to bring others who want to make that decision to Christ. It also instructed how to follow up with local churches.

As a final completion and as a token to Billy Graham for his 95th birthday, a televised showing of “The Cross” was shown on several televised stations. It was a short film featuring testimonies of the likes of christian rapper LeCrae and how God has changed their lives.

I am hoping that many of you took away valuable lessons. It was a call to learn and a call to action. Hope it put your christian walk into perspective.

Please comment as to if you did this training and your thoughts about it. Also, if you participated in watching “The Cross”, did you share it? What things did you take away from this training? I’d love to know.



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