52 Women Bible Studies


We are going through the book “Women of the Bible” by Jean Syswerda. Each week we are exploring a different woman of the Bible and drawing some insight for our own lives as women. This is what we have covered so far. The bolded women have a link that provides further study and/or insight and questions to ponder.


Week 1 : Eve


Week 2: Sarah

Week 3:  Hagar


Week 4: Lot’s Wife

Week 5: Rebekah


Week 6: Rachel


Week 7: Leah


Week 8: Tamar, Daughter-in-law of Judah

Week 9: Potiphar’s Wife


Week 10: The Mothers of Moses (Jochebed and Pharoah’s Daughter)

Week 11: Miriam


Week 12: Rahab

Week 13: Deborah

Week 14: Jael

Week 15: Delilah

Watch the scope on Delilah

Week 16: Ruth

Watch the scope on Ruth

Week 17: Naomi

Watch the scope on Naomi

Here is the link to our WIN YouVersion group:  http://www.a.youversion.com/groups/wifestyle

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