Christ iN Me: Communion


Christ iN me, the hope of glory!

When I made the commitment to become a christian, I also committed myself to Christ himself and to his body. When you think of the word communion, what does it mean to you? For some, it is what you do on the first Sunday of the month. But it’s so much more. In the word communion are the words community and union. The union is what I want to explain. The Bible mentions being joined, connected to and being a part of Christ. This connection is the bridge to God himself. The Greek and Hebrew definitions of the word communion in every biblical instance refer to the same thing – a Oneness.

Communion (koinonia) : greek feminine noun – fellowship, association, community, joint participation, intercourse, intimacy, a gift jointly contributed, exhibiting an embodiment and proof of fellowship.

In the book of John, Jesus prays that we all would be “one”. For us wives, we have a visual of being joined together. For single women, intimacy with Christ is the scenario. Yes, let’s be clear. The same oneness married couples experience is a God – given type, or example of what Oneness with God is like on a very small scale. The world’s ideas of sex are so distorted that it’s beauty is lost in fear for many Christians. No wonder the Devil can wield this tool so much! Think about this. Christ dwells within us so we can bear much fruit. The Word of God, the Bible is a seed planted within us that must fall on good soil to multiply and be reproduced in others. Don’t be so shocked that you miss this ladies. You are the Bride of Christ. He poured Himself out for His church. There was sweat, blood and tears for a beautiful purpose – You! Sex is shallow compared to the intimacy and the Oneness of which Christ speaks. It is a picture, a shadow or type of what we will experience in heaven for eternity! We see this theme of oneness in Ekeziel (a wheel in the middle of a wheel that moves together).  This concept also appears when the Bible mentions abiding in, dwelling in and being rooted in.

Ask God to change your mindset about what He has created in sex. For married women who struggle in this area, ask God to reveal Himself in a new way to you. Ask Him to teach you how to enjoy your husband and how you can do your part to make sex enjoyable and all that God intended it to be. I will be teaching more on this topic this year as the Lord instructs me. Christian wives need to know, understand and experience Oneness best in my opinion. God created it for us! Let’s ask God to rightfully divide the Word of truth on this topic this year.

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