I have been meditating on commitment and specifically the root word “Committed”. That word speaks volumes to married people, those in the armed forces and in the insane asylum!

If I were truly crazy for Christ – truly committed, there would be no escape. I’d be signed up for life, the contract sealed. If you’re committed, you’re “all in” and everyone knows it.

When you are committed, you lose friends and start hanging out with the other crazy people. You see the world differently and the world looks at you differently as well. Some people may even be scared of you and your peculiar ways.

Welcome to the clan of the committed. Everyone knows who they are. They go beyond the edge and are passionate about what they believe. Some say they are brain-washed because they go against the grain of today’s culture. But a committed soldier will never “fit in”. That person who walks by faith instead of sight is a bit unrealistic. That couple who keeps forgiving couldn’t actually be acting “real” with each other. Some thing’s wrong right?

No. Something is right! We serve a committed God. His love is fierce. His wrath is fearful and His grace and mercy is CRAY CRAY! Is your mind completely committed to God? Those who are committed to Him show the world what real commitment looks like!

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