What is fasting? 

Fasting is setting something aside and going without it (usually food) in order to have a time of consecrated prayer to God. It is a spiritual discipline to train the spiritual part of you to listen and submit to God. It tames the physical needs of the body for a specified period of time in order to build up the spiritual and hear the Lord more clearly. This was done in the Bible on many occassions such as in the book of Ruth when her people fasted for her favor before she went to the King with a request. (Ruth 1-4)


How should I fast?

There are several types of fasts. Basically, you are abstaining from food. For some people it is just not having sweets or pleasant foods for a time.  Some people drink only water or juice.  Some people do biblical fasts such as the Daniel fast, 40 day fasts or 21 day fasts. If you are married, part of your biblical fasting is to abstain from sexual relations, as it will satisfy your flesh. (I Corinthians 7:5) Remember, it’s only one day 🙂 Be sure you let your husband know before you begin! You can read about specific types of fasts Here.


Why do we fast every month?

Wifestyle Image Network was founded during a time of prayer. Fasting helps us to keep our spiritual focus. As a public network, we say that we are having a Prayer day, but we do not let the world know that we are fasting. This should be done in secret as much as possible. (Matthew 6:16-18). It is not for people to praise you for being religious, but to pour out our hearts to God as a community. Fasting is a private choice and something that we do as a Network of women who are seeking the Lord to:

1) help us to make wise choices and decisions

2) build our marriages and families

3) make us effective disciple-makers

What is the suggested structure for WIN fasts?

Since we only ask everyone in the Network to fast for one day (12 hours) , we suggest not eating any food until the fast is over. Some women fast 6am-6pm and eat their evening meal, others eat nothing all day. Some prefer to have juice and water only for the 12 hours. If you have medical conditions, fast carefully. You may want to consult your physician. You may only give up one meal for the day. In any case, be sure to eliminate some food from your regular diet that day, especially somethings that you enjoy. Our goal is to crucify the flesh and be wide awake in the spirit. We are seeking the Lord for His will and bringing our petitions before Him. Fasting does not make God answer you, but it opens your spiritual ears and allows you to be receptive of what He wants to say and how He is going to move in your situation.

Finally, I urge you to listen for God’s “voice” through the Word of God, songs, prayers and devotionals. Prayer is communication with the Lord. It is NOT one-sided. You speak to Him and He speaks to you as well. Ask God to speak to you and He will. Spend dedicated time (more than usual) in prayer and reading the Bible during the day. god has something special to share with each and every one of us.*

*If you have never heard God “speak” to you, I highly suggest that you do our monthly training for June “Hear God Speak”.

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