July Training


This month with all the engagements, weddings, anniversaries and such, our focus will be on marriage more than discipleship. But marriage is a discipline all by itself! Can I hear a hearty amen from the wives?! Lol! With those things in mind, we will be doing the 40 Day Love Dare from the movie “Fireproof”! fireproof_movie Here is how you can participate with us:

1. Make sure that you Respond below in the comments “I want a Fireproof marriage” so we know that you are on board! As we go along for these 40 days we will be looking for the hashtag #WINonFire on all social media so that we can retweet and repost you throughout this journey.

2. If you need Accountability, can participate daily in our private WIN google community chat group. Here is the link to join. You can be included as long as you are in the Network and a member of the google community. So far, there are 15 of us. We will have ongoing weekly hangouts on google and times of prayer throughout the 40 days. I highly suggest being a part this way especially if you havetaken this dare before and you did not successfully complete it. Google-Hangouts-banner-640x312

3. Keep a journal. You can do this on the official Love Dare website or on your own. You will want to document this experience! On the official website you can see the testimonials of other people who have taken the Dare and how it went for them. Do remember that what you post (not including your journal) is public. 4. Pray! Taking this dare is more than a notion. It starts out fun and exciting, but will cause to you grow less and less selfish in your relationship. You will find yourself being stretched and challenged in new ways. Pray before you begin, pray daily throughout the 40 days and pray for each woman participating. We all want to make it through the Dare successfully. Is there a guarantee that your marriage will be brand new? Of course not! But you will be a better wife and the Lord will be pleased with you. He is who we are aiming to live our lives for. Do every dare as unto Christ!     marriedcoupleLastly, PLEASE share your experiences with the Network! We all want to hear how you were encouraged, what your challenges were and if your marriage has been changed by this training. It really is a training too! You can participate at any time but please leave your comments right here and share your thoughts. Prayer for Participants:

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to improve our marriages and to become better wives. Teach us during this experience to become less selfish and to give of ourselves. Strengthen us where we are weak. Give us your love for our husbands and help us to be great examples for our children. May we have great determination to finish this training well that You may be glorified in our relationships. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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  1. Hey ladies, we are 7 days into the Dare! This week flew past quickly and I want to know how everyone is doing? If you are not in the WIN community group and chat with me daily, please leave a note or email and share how your journey is coming along. It’s important that we hold each other accountable. It started easy enough, but it will get even more “interesting” in the coming weeks. Be encouraged and don’t give up. There are great rewards to be gained! #WINonFire

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