May Training


Welcome to the month of May!

I’m super excited about this month’s trainings! We are joining with two ministries to provide two different trainings. Last month, we focused a lot on mentorship. This month we are focusing more on discipleship. It’s time out for excuses ladies. Let’s be about our Father’s business! These trainings are designed to stretch you, to strengthen you and to build your spiritual muscle! We are the Body of Christ. Let’s exercise our faith together!

#1 – We are joining The Singwell Church in their “Beyond the Edge:: Plan31” study group at This amazing group study will challenge you in discipleship. We will be meeting in a chatroom every Thursday night this month. You can go and make an account HERE right now so you will be ready this Thursday!

#2Girls of Royalty is hosting our next Titus Ten Training Class that begins 5/20 at 9pm est. This time, the training will be live for all 10 weeks! If you are interested,  go ahead and sign up under the Titus Ten tab HERE. You will need the book and a good internet connection. There is homework and accountability in the class as well. I am excited to interact with you ladies weekly!

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