More of the Bread of Life


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    We thank you for being the Bread of Life to us. You nurture us, grow us, fill us, sustain us with everything we need to do the work you have called us to do. Anoint us afresh today. Open our eyes to what you have put before us. Let our time of prayer and communion be sweet. We meet you at the table today. You have been blessed and broken for us. Let us be blessed and broken for others in Jesus name we pray, Amen!

  2. NURTURE is that which promotes growth. Education,Food and Exercize can nurture us in a spiritual since. Hearing, and Seeing the Word can spiritually equal taking in nutritional food.
    Studying, examining and Memorizing the Word of God is receiving education, which is renewing your mind.
    Finally, as we apply what we’ve learned; by doing (Exercizing) those things from the heart, we gain wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The final products are: a strong marriage, smart family, better jobs, and eternal life in Christ Jesus.
    I personally am glad to meet you at the table. Let’s eat.

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