Satan – The Original Hater


Who taught you how to lie, cheat, steal? It was the original hater – the devil! He is real and even though he knows he has no chance, he wants YOU to think he does. That’s all he needs to do – convince you that his lies are real and that God does not care. Well, children of the Most High God need to stand up and realize his tricks are just that – tricks.

How do you stop being tricked by the enemy? First, realize that his power over your life is through temptation or enticement which yields or births sin and then when sin is fully born it brings death. It’s the same thing that we saw way back in the Garden of Eden in Genesis. So STOP the CYCLE! God allows temptation because He desires us to have a free will, a choice to choose and make right decisions. When we put ourselves in certain situations, we set ourselves up for failure. Satan loves those opportunities and makes it easier for us to fall. He is a master “bait-setter” so don’t go there. Don’t adventure out of the safe nets and boundaries that God has provided in the Word of God. There are way more warnings than rules in the Bible. Take heed, listen, pay attention.


Secondly, if the enemy can get you to fall into temptation, you will sin. But it’s not over there. At this stage, the devil likes to tell you what a bad christian you are and how you are not good enough. It’s the “blame game”. If you sulk, then you waste your time. The longer it takes for you to repent, the more time he has to distract you from your mission – the Great Commission. Jesus told Peter that the enemy desired to sift him like wheat, but He would pray for him. It helps to have stronger brothers or sisters around you, but that is not always the case. When you fall, get yourself back up in the power of God. In our weakness is where God does His best work! It’s when we are down that we realize that we never had it all together. Just don’t keep falling in the same place child of God! It’s ridiculous to think that a child would keep returning to the same place where they hurt themselves, but they do and keep getting hurt until they learn their lesson. I can be just like that. Learn the Lesson already and move on! You are no threat to the devil running around in circles.

Last but not least, the devil would love to kill you in your sin. He strikes in your moments of frailty and unrepentance hoping to drag you with him to hell. Sin always has and always will lead to death. Point blank period. If you regard iniquity in your heart, the Lord isn’t trying to hear you. (Psalm 66:18) You see the devil is always trying to BE God. He wants glory and honor and respect and many people give it to him, to their own detriment. God wants to act on your behalf, but you won’t let go of your sin. Surrendering to Jesus Christ completely is the only solution to our sin problem. Only He can empower us to break the sin cycle and live holy lives. Being set apart is not easy and we will face opposition, but Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! Our God is greater, our God is stronger!

Haters will hate, but let God be great. In YOU!


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