The Titus Ten


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When I used to hear about mentoring, i just figured it was for at risk people who needed guidance. as I begin to study the Bible for myself, I realized that the term mentoring is really just discipleship from a Christian point of view. I further studied in Titus and realized that women have a very important role in the body of Christ. We are literally called by God to disciple other women in 10 key areas. I explored Google to see further what kinds of help there was available in order to do what God had told me to do! I could not find very many resources that were biblically based. It was at that time that the Lord put in my heart to write the “The Titus Ten”. This book was birthed out of a conversation that I had with God about a lack of resources and structure for women to disciple other women.

I would love to put this book into the hands of a woman who is determined to obey God’s will for her life. She does not have to be married. She does not have to be an older woman. She does not have to be successful by this world’s standards. She just has to be obedient.

So much in the Bible is written from a male’s perspective, but God does not leave out women. As a matter of fact, He singles us out and gives us 10 specific things to disciple other women in. Why these 10 things? I believe that God in His sovereign will, is well aware of the things that every woman struggles with. I pray that you get your hands on this book, read it, and share it with another woman in your life!

It is God’s will for all of us to be saved from our sins and to live a life that is holy, which is our reasonable service (Romans 12:1,2). However, God specifically admonishes women to teach other women how to serve God in very specific areas. Isn’t it about time that we be about our Father’s business? I hope that you enjoy this book. Please leave a review on Amazon and encourage others to do what God has entrusted to us.

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