Today We Fast


On the 12th of every month, we fast as a network. The theme for our fast this month is “Balance”. Please take the time to read the devotional in the WIN Fasting and Prayer group.


You can participate in our day of prayer and fasting in a few ways:

1. Go to the Prayer page (The Upper Room) and hear all the prayer calls for the day. You can also chat and add prayer requests and pray for others there. This is our “home base” of prayer.

2. Call into the conference call to hear the ongoing ministry in word, prayer and song from 6am until 8pm.

3. Go to the Wifestyle Image Network youtube page to participate live and leave comments and prayers.


We do ask that you respect the privacy of others. Many prayer requests are confidential which is why you must be a member of WIN on the website and/or in the WIN Google community to see them.

Prayer Schedule:

6am – Evangelist Anita

7am – Pastor Pam

8am – Minister Erica

1pm – Minister Rose

6pm – Minister Rose

7pm – Minister Theresa

8pm – Evangelist Anita

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