Today We Fast



November is upon us! That means Thanksgiving is near. Our theme for this month is “Giving”! We are fasting for* :

1. Relationships (giving ourselves to our spouses)
2. Release from debt burdens (so we can give more)
3. Growth in our Giving (money, time, talents, etc…)

*These are just prayer points, but feel free to let the Holy Spirit direct you in your prayer and fasting*

Here is the prayer schedule:

6am est – Angel

8 am est – Anita

10am est – Melody

1pm est – Pam

4pm est – Donita

6pm est – Holly

Go to the Upper Room (prayer page) to see all the prayer requests listed. Pray for others and add your own. There is power in unified prayer!

Lastly, spread the Word! You might consider fasting with a friend. Whatever you do, be sure to give time to your prayers!

Lord, let us be thankful and always willing to give. In the awesome, matchless name of Jesus we pray, Amen!

The Upper Room

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