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This month’s study will involve joining the Unveiled Wife community in the study of the book “A Wife After God” by Jennifer Smith. You can find all the links to information  HERE.

Watch this introductory video to the study: Wife After God

What You Will Need To Join:

  1. Make sure you have your own copy of Wife After God – Drawing Closer To God and Your Husband, which you can get here: Amazon.com
  2. Be sure to join the event on Facebook so you do not miss anything! {UW EVENT}
  3. Follow Unveiled Wife to join the daily discussion.
  4. Begin praying now that God would prepare your heart for this journey!
  5. Once the party begins join in the fun everyday. Ask questions and leave comments.
  6. If you miss the daily discussion use the Hashtag feature to follow the latest updates for Wife After God by searching #WifeAfterGod
  7. Be sure to share this invitation with other wives you know so that they can join the community on this extraordinary journey of experiencing God and transformation in marriage.

As this New Year begins, let’s get focused on drawing closer to God and to our Husbands! See you in the chats!


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