Who needs Strength?


Strong in the Spirit

None of us are strong alone. We are frail, weak and will fail. Our bones will rot and we will return to the dust we came from. But we can be strong in the Spirit if the Spirit of God lives within us. In the same way that we work out, we need to work IN faith, regular time with God in prayer and diligent bible study. Like a muscle that gets stronger, our spirits get stronger when we stop working out of the flesh and in the Spirit.


Strong in your Mind

A weak-minded person is prone to do ungodly acts. We can allow our emotions to lead our minds instead of giving God control. We must have a renewed mind in order to be fully directed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Godly thoughts lend themselves to Godly speech and Godly action! See Anita’s video on renewing your mind here:


Physical Strength

 Women are weaker vessels. When we are tired, stressed, burdened, sleepy or just PMS-ing, the devil uses it as an opportunity to cause us to sin. Be aware of his devices. There is a reason that the Lord wants us healthy, aware and physically fit. Sometimes spiritual warfare comes in the form of physical attacks. When we don’t eat right, we are sluggish and do not pay attention as well to things around us. When we alter our bodies with chemicals and substances, we dull our natural and spiritual senses. Don’t let the enemy trick you. Do everything with your body for the glory of God. Stay faithful to your spouse. Eat right and get rest.


Strength in Weakness

Here is a recent scope in which I speak about “Standing Strong” in your weakness. Standing Strong

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