WIN Training 2015 – CPR!!


For the remaining three months of 2015, Wifestyle Image Network will focus its efforts on making disciples. Our goal is to grow women into discplemakers in the next three months. It’s called CPR! We are called to life and to live abundantly by making disciples who disciple others.

All new converts to Christ Jesus will be placed in Phase One as a Fish. We will help you to identify who you are in Christ and learn to hear and obey the Holy Spirit. The second phase is Fishing. We will dive into the Word of God and teach you how to position yourself in the Body of Christ. You have specific design and use for the Kingdom. The third phase is Fisher. In this phase you run with what God has shown you in phase two. We are here to back and support your ministry whatever it is!


Phase One – Fish


Phase Two – Fishing


Phase Three – Fisher



CPR will run September 21st – December 21st. Those interested should join either our GroupMe or Google+ community groups in order to properly place you in the program during the first month. You will be expected to fully participate to grow your walk with Christ from disciple to disciplemaker. Serious inquiries only!


More on CPR: Holy CPR

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