WIN Training – December


This is a busy month for most of us as we prepare for Christmas and New Years’ celebrations. Even though our next training (The Titus Ten) does not start until 12/30/13, I want to impress on you all to use this time to share Christ with others.

There is no better time than now to share your testimony, hand out tracts, sing Christmas carols that share the gospel and help those in need. Our world is dying and we have the Living Water to save them. What does that look like for us to take a long, cool drink while others nearby are parched with thirst and we ignore their need?

Ask the Lord to show you how to witness in this season. Maybe you need a new license plate that shares the gospel, your ringtone could remind someone of Jesus or maybe you could invite that lonely person over for Christmas this year. I would love to hear how you all are reaching out to the hurting this month!

The Titus Ten training will begin on December 30th, Lord willing. If you are interested in participating, I highly suggest that you purchase the book RIGHT NOW while it is on sale for $10 until Christmas! All classes will be right here on the network. Once registered, you will have login access to WinEdu for ten weeks. There we will interact and explore practical applications of biblical discipleship together. You will compile a working resource for yourself and figure out how you disciple others best!  I am truly excited to teach this course and to see how God will move. The link to register will be available after Christmas.

In the meantime, let’s review what has transpired with Wifestyle Image Network this year:  WIN News

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